The contact email address for EUL vaccine submissions and other information can be found on the WHO website providing information and advice on the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) The WHO Emergency Listing of Uses (EUL) procedure is a risk-based procedure for assessing and listing vaccines, therapies and in vitro diagnostic medical devices not approved for the purpose of ensuring the availability of these products to humans, who are affected by a public health emergency. This will assist United Nations procurement agencies and interested Member States in determining acceptance for the use of certain products on the basis of a substantial body of available data on quality, safety, efficacy and results. The EML concerns three product streams (vaccines, therapeutic products and in vitro diagnostic medical devices), each of which imposes specific requirements on products eligible for LMET assessment. . A global partnership to provide 120 million affordable, high-quality COVID-19 rapid tests for low- and middle-income countries Instructions for manufacturers detailing the technical specifications of documentary evidence can be found here. WHO procedures for assessing emergency use and listing medical devices in public health emergencies The procedure is an important tool for companies wishing to submit their products for use in a health emergency. .